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#1) Deb's PI Tutorials Frame an Image with Ruffles & Pleats     Intermediate
Learn how to create and frame with ruffles & pleats.


#2) Rosie's PI Tutorials Gold & Enamel Decorated Bowl  8.0   Intermediate
Rosie shows you how to create a very beautiful Gold and Enamel Decorated Bowl in this tutorial. (Some downloads required.)


#3) Debisty Designs Single Vanishing Point Perspective Drawing   All   Advanced
Build a house that's in proper perspective using a grid to place your objects.


#4) Deb's PI Tutorials Create a Glass Dome   8.0   Intermediate
Create a glass dome to showcase your object or creation. Create a stationery under your dome. Also try and use an object/tube you've created yourself. If you haven't made a stat before, use her directions above the tut for doing so before starting this tutorial.
Note: No object for a side stat (graphic running down the side) should be wider than 300 px max.
Also, the stationary background needs to be seamless. Use the link above the tut for making a stat to learn how to do this.



#5) Tena's PI Designs Create a Lantern   6.0   Intermediate
Create an old fashioned lantern with candles inside.


#6) Rosie's PI Tutorials Paintbox and Brush   Advanced
Rosie shows you how to create a realistic paintbox and brush with Continue Draw.


#7) Shirley Kirk Easy Rose Petals  Intermediate
Shirley shows you how to make beautiful rose petals for the rose you have already created in PINT group.


#8) Inkl Design Make a Porcelain Doggy   Intermediate
Achieve a porcelain look by only using Photo Impact 8. Xero has a filter called "Porcelain" if you are interested in third-party filters.


#9) Joy's Tutorials Round Room   6.0   Advanced
This tutorial shows how to create a round room such as a church scene. A ufo kit is provided.


#10) Rosie's PI Tutorials Stained Glass Tiffany Lamp   8.0   Intermediate
Create a beautiful Tiffany lamp with a stained glass shade and a simple, Art Deco - style bronze base.


#11) Dia's Dimensions Open Clam Shell 8.0 Beginner Create a neat looking clam shell to use in your sea side backgrounds. Very cute! http://diasdimensions.net/tutorials/pi/index_clamshell.html


#12) Creations by Dawn Painting A Lily   8.0   advanced
Download the .ufo parts required and follow Dawn's directions to paint a beautiful realistic looking lily.


#13) Irene's Place Fancy Cabinet   6.0   Intermediate, Advanced
Create a fancy cabinet using custom path shapes to display your dinner service, bottles...well, whatever you like really.


#14) Ulead Learning Center Star Filter   7-up   Intermediate
Add a sparkling highlight to your photos using the Star Filter.


#15) Quick Creations Wood Burning  8.0  Intermediate
To give the illusion of a wood burning. The actual craft of wood burning requires a special tool that allows you to burn your design into a piece of wood. This is my digital recreation of that craft. Your final results will vary according to the image used. The color depth and detail of your image will affect the results.


#16) Debisty Designs Animated Birdbox   6.0   Advanced
Create a neat little animated musical birdbox! (Qritten by Linda Jacobs.)


#17) Rosie's PhotoImpact Tutorials The Birdcage   8.0   Intermediate
Draw an old-fashioned birdcage with either a closed or open door. Could be adapted as a 'musical-automaton' type of bird-cage.


#18) Sparrowz World Painted Sunset   8.0   Advanced
Learn how easy it is to digitally paint an impressive sunset. This tutorial is for advanced PI users but easy enough for those who are beginners to digital painting.


#19) SparrowzWorld Painting Breaking Surf   8.0   Advanced Users/Beginning Painters
Painting a beautiful seascape using PhotoImpact painting and retouch tools.


#20) Deb' PI Tutorials   Creating Easy and Advanced Bows   6+   Intermediate
Learn how to create an easy and an advanced bow.
Part 1 - http://www.geocities.com/debldoya/ribbontut/easybow.html
In Shape Library, Frames, Flower 2 looks like this: shape to use
Part 2 - http://www.geocities.com/debldoya/ribbontut/advancedbow.html


#21) Carol's Graphics Z Merge   8.0   Advanced
Carol introduces you to the Z merge feature and gives you a visual tour of the theory and practicalities of how it works. (All 4 pages - All 4 objects.)


#22) Deb's PI Tutorials Corner stationery   5.0   Intermediate
How to make corner stationery. This tutorial comes with some nice presets to download.


#23) PhotoImpact Zone Puddle Frame Tutorial   6.0   Intermediate
Easy to follow tutorial on making modern art photo frames.


#24) Photo Impact Zone Frosted Glass Bell   6 and up   Intermediate
Kelly guides you through reshaping a simple ellipse into a tulip shaped bell and shows you how to give it a textured metallic look.


#25) Rosie's PhotoImpact Tutorials Log Cabin   8.0   Intermediate
Create a detailed log cabin with curtained windows, a covered porch and a stone chimney and step.


#26) Rosie's PI Tutorials Native American Teepee   7.0   Intermediate
This tutorial will show how to create a native American teepee. Some knowledge of the basic tools in PI is assumed and an eagle shape is provided as an optional decorative download. The mandella is not part of this project!


#27) PhotoImpact Pixels Tulip Mosaic Card   8.0   Advanced
Create a Tulip Mosaic card using Uleads graphic in PI 8 and using Filter/plugin. http://photoimpactpixels1.com/Tutorials_Graphics/TulipMosaic/Tulip.html


#28) SparrowzWorld Making and Painting with your own stamps   7-8-XL-Pro   Advanced-Beginning Painters
Learn how to create your own Painting stamps.


#29) Ulead Learning Center Horsing Around With Creative Transform   8.0   Advanced
Using the Creative Transform effect, you can make zigzag patterns out of straight lines, blow up portions of your image, and produce abstract art with whirl patterns.


#30) Maco Graphics Stary Eyes with Creative Lighting   8.0, GA5   Advanced
Make glowing eyes using PhotoImpact's creative effects and animate them.

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