by MaryT

Written in v.10


Note: This tut is about the fur not the bear. Each bear you create will be your own design using my 'fur'.

Software: Ulead PhotoImpact 10

Author: MaryT

Stamp, Colorize Pen,
Object Paint Eraser Tool

Description:  Create neat fur for your bear and other animals.

1. Open a new image 450x450 px. I like lots of room to move objects around and work in.

2. Select your fireworks stamp set up like below.

stamp settings

Stamp and then deselect the stamp. Stamp again, and deselect it again. Do this until you have one of each of the fireworks stamps.

3. Select your Retouch, Colorize Pen, Color: white, Shape: 20, Color trans: 0, Soft Edge: 50, Preset: none.
Remove the color from each of your fireworks. The Colorize pen set on white will turn the fireworks a gray color with some white.

4. Go to Photo: Brightness/contrast, set brightness to 40 or set it to your preference, and click ok.

5. Go to your Object Paint Eraser Tool. Erase all around the fireworks to clean them up.

6. Then pick one of the larger fireworks. One that you think will make a nice body.

7. Duplicate it two or three times as you like. Turn, move, shift these 3 pieces around until they look good to you as fur. (Each time you do this your bear will look different.)

tut steps

8. After you have the 3 arranged, R-click, Group. Save your file as a ufo.

Bear body

9. Now continue with this procedure until you have the arms and legs created using the single fireworks.

bear legs

bear arms

10. Continue until you get the head pieces set in the shape you want.
Create the ears using the small fireworks.

11. Add eyes, nose, and mouth.

my bear

Here's my colored bear. I'm not much of an artist, but he's cute!

R-click, Select All, Merge as Single Object.
You may use any coloring procedure to create any color for the animal of your making.

Waa-Laa...you have a Fuzzy Fur MaryBear.

I hope you have enjoyed my first tutorial.

Feel free to contact me if you get stuck and need help!

Dia's Dimensions' Tutorial Award

Now that you have finished this tutorial, feel free to R-click save our award and display it on your web page. This award is offered on the honor system.


What you create with your fur is yours to do with as you choose. I only ask that you give me credit for the fur by referring inquiring minds to this tutorial.

This tut was created out of sheer frustration in not being able to find a tut for bears with nice looking fur using only PI tools. Being limited on filter effects thus this tut came into being. Don't you love PI. I sure do.

Many thanks to my first teacher, who has been there every step with me," Dia of Dia's Dimensions.net, to Tena Williams and the Pingers group for their support, to Mary Lou White for her tut on tutorial writing, to Wouter of WoutersDesigns for his suggestions. Thank all of you for your wonderful support.


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